Barry's New Novel

Where the Octopus Waits

This novel explores the trails of the heart and mind, the frontiers of consciousness and the mysteries of sacred lore still carried today within
the Polynesian world.

This is the story of a tribe that tries to return to its ancient roots that says we are of the sea and the sea is of us. Epic challenges await them as
they journey into the tides of memory to find the wisdom to meet the
desperate issues that are destroying them today. Once again, the world
turns; the mind stretches, the soul breathes.

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The Septemberfest at Shada, 15 Percy Graham Drive, Tuakau

            Saturday 20th  September 11amWalking in Hope: it’s an amazing          time to be alive

            NB   Friday 19th September  7pm  at Shada: Keynote Speaker: Dr Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere  speaks on Te Puawaitanga ote Kore - the Gift    of Magic

            Visit: www.shardacentre.com for details



TSNZ Theosphy Dialogues 2014, HPB Lodge, 4 Warborough Ave, Epsom, Auckland

            9-12 October Signposts from Indigenous Wisdom (actual time of  Barry’s talk yet to be set.)

            Visit: www.theosophy.org.nz for details




StonePrint NEWS

July 2014 No: 44

Tomorrow the moon moves into the first quarter and I begin writing again. I wrote 12,000 words on the last Bright Moon. What’s this book about? It’s a secret and may never be published.

I’ve spoken often about the power that comes from aligning our lives with the tides of the moon. I’m aware the whole idea can be confusing. If you are interested, my friend Sam, a bright young man has given me a tool that might help.

Sam said, ‘The ancient moon lore makes great sense… strikes a primal cord… but how many people know the phase of the moon on any given day? Very few, I’d say.’

‘It wasn’t like that in the past,’ I responded. ‘The ancestors honoured the moon and stars with the kind of dedication we bring to watching weather forecasts on the tele every night. So, what’s the answer?’

‘There’s a very handy tool. I’ll send you the app,’ replied Sam. ‘It places a beautiful image of the moon on your screen to show it’s phase each day; it will wax and wane before your eyes. Can’t be simpler than that but I need a reminder of how to work with the power of the moon.’

Thanks Sam. Here’s the moon lore edited from Only a Hut in the Mountain that we published last year.

‘The moon month is a twenty-eight-day cycle and thirteen moon months make a year. When we go beyond the clock and the calendar of the mind, there is an older way to join with time. It is of moon-tides, a rhythm of life that wove its colours into the days of our ancestors.

‘They knew the rise and fall of the ocean tides, as do we. Saw that ebb and flow in the Moon’s glow and looked deeper still to see its changing light touched our tides too. We are of the tides. Women feel this in the flow of their seed tides. Yet, not all realise that the Moon ordains the twenty-eight-days of change that peak in the brightest of nights to complete the circle of life. However that ebb and flow that completes the joining, that creates life, no longer comes to mind.

‘Some say the Moon no longer has a place in our lives, that the connection is lost. But I say what seems lost, is not lost, for while the mind moves on, the body remembers and deep within the heart knows.

‘Over aeons of time, over ages beyond counting, our ancestors were influenced by the power of the Moon. While they did not seek its gifts, for these were freely given, they recognised them and lived in harmony with the elegance woven into its turning. They attuned their lives to use the power of its rhythms.

‘Every twenty-eight day circle of the Moon consists of two great pulses - a powerful outward pulse that stretches the mind and the body to excel - a gentle indrawn pulse that brings a time of recovery and reflection, a pause to prepare for the next exciting outward pulse.

‘The powerful outward pulse fills the fourteen days of the Bright Moon, being the seven days before and after the Full Moon. It’s then that the Moon tides send us huge energy and great strength. If you want to know when the ancestors took their huge ocean going vessels to the long tides and sailed back to the homelands, look to the Bright Moon. If you seek to follow them when they carry Pounamu over the high mountain passes, look to the Bright Moon. If you wish to join them in Wananga, within the House of Learning, look to the Bright Moon.

‘How does the Bright Moon help us excel? The waters that span the planet rise and fall to the tides of the Moon. The seeds we plant germinate to the tides of the Moon. The trees’ sap moves upwards to the tides of the Moon. We are no more or no less than they. Most of our body is fluid. We are but a vessel shaped by bone and muscle to carry the waters of life. And those waters respond powerfully to the Moon’s tides. Over millions of years we have evolved and adapted to attune to the Tides of the Moon. That power has not been lost, those tides still course through us and although forgotten by the conscious mind still abide. Our bodies remember a relationship fashioned over aeons of time.

‘The Bright Moon heightens awareness and builds a momentum that helps meet the great challenges in life. Our ancestors in many lands and across many cultures understood the power of the Moon.

‘What of the Dark Moon or Reflective Moon? The fourteen-day span of the Dark Moon, the seven nights that sit either side of the night that is said to have No Moon, is a quiet time given to rest and reflection and planning for the next phase of the Bright Moon.

‘The fishing and gardening calendars used more and more widely are dictated by the Moon. However because our regular calendar sets the moon aside, we often live in conflict with the ancient tides.

‘In the quieter Reflective Moon time we can demand too much of ourselves. When things don’t flow, we try harder and harder and beat ourselves up. Sometimes physically by pushing our bodies to places they can’t go and sometimes psychologically by feeling frustrated or inadequate. Stress follows and we gain little from that special time. Pushing against that tide messes with an internal clock set aeons ago. We are cosmic beings born to respond to cosmic tides and are at our best when we tune into them.

‘It becomes a lose-lose situation when we come out of the Reflective Moon so stressed we can’t take advantage of the Bright Moon. But how do we achieve a win-win situation when today’s society makes no allowance for these moon tides and expects us to be on top of our game every day?

‘By simply being aware of where the moon is we begin to remove stress. Just understanding what’s happening helps enormously. Knowing provides good energy, knowing allows us to nurture ourselves by allowing more time to meet demands on body, mind and spirit. If we cherish the reflective dimension with understanding we can gentle our way through demanding challenges. Then we achieve a win-win when we come to the Bright Moon.

‘Remember the Bright Moon time and the Reflective time are part of an elegant cosmic balance; the old ways that once organised our days and seasons were born of the lore of the universe that provides for all life. The ancient tides of the Moon still hold true. They are of the mystery, the ebb and flow our ancestors knew so well and used with great purpose. That lore remains undiminished by the passing of time, except in the trails of our mind. It but awaits our remembrance.’

Barry Brailsford

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Wisdom Seeker Book 1

Only a Hut in the Mountains

This novel explores the trails of the heart and mind, the frontiers of consciousness and the mysteries of space and time…

Here ancient lore and Quantum Mechanics meet. The world turns; the mind stretches, the soul breathes.

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