Barry's New Novel

Where the Octopus Waits

This novel explores the trails of the heart and mind, the frontiers of consciousness and the mysteries of sacred lore still carried today within
the Polynesian world.

This is the story of a tribe that tries to return to its ancient roots that says we are of the sea and the sea is of us. Epic challenges await them as
they journey into the tides of memory to find the wisdom to meet the
desperate issues that are destroying them today. Once again, the world
turns; the mind stretches, the soul breathes.

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Talks by Barry Brailsford 2014




4th February 2014 7.30 pm The Library, Amberley, Canterbury NZ

Awakening the Fires of Remembrance - We have within us wisdom, gifted by our ancestors, to change our lives. Greater awareness opens the way to a brighter future. It is time to awaken the fires of remembrance!

Enquiries: Michelle 03-314 9144 Email: info@stonecircleorganics.co.nz


15th &16th February 2014 Nelson, NZ http://evolvefestival.co.nz

Saturday 15th: Awakening the Fires of Awareness – separation from … self, others and the world around us … is not the truth of our journey. ACCEPTANCE, CONNECTION and COMPASSION have the power to deliver the promise of our potential.
Sunday 16th: Where the Old Tides meet and history collides: Aotearoa – when did the first walka reach these shores? Our history books say 800 years ago BUT elders speak of waka arriving long before that and some scientists agree and share new evidence for all to see.

22nd & 23rd February 2104 Albany, Auckland NZ www.kaiwaipurapura.co.nz/voices-of-sacred-earth

7th March 2014 7pm. The Life Centre, 9 Towai St., Stoke, Nelson, NZ
Awakening the Fires of Remembrance - We have within us wisdom, gifted by our ancestors, to change our lives. Greater awareness opens the way to a brighter future. It is time to awaken the fires of remembrance!

Enquiries 03 5478468

Email: info@thelifecentre.co.nz




StonePrint NEWS

December 2013 No: 43

It’s wonderful to be back at Castle Hill… to enjoy the shade and shelter of the beech trees and embrace the music of the river below… to greet the mountains standing tall to inspire and call… to hear the birds sing at dawn to welcome the new day… to know they offer that chorus every morn be it bright with light or cloaked with rain or snow. There is joy in our summer home.

Getting it wrong

Make no assumptions was one of the powerful Four Agreements shared by Miguel Ruiz. The significance of that particular agreement has continued to grow on me over the years. I’ve made huge assumptions at times that totally distorted my understanding of a situation. Stepping beyond assumptions is hard to do because we assume so much in daily life.

I remember my difficulty in adjusting to the world of the Waitaha elders when I began to hear their histories. I’d come from work where I was expected to do several things at once; I was multi-tasking all the time. I had ‘Principal Lecturer’ on the door and that defined me. I was labelled and happy to wear the work, not understanding how that defined me.

When I left that world I felt cast adrift. No label set my compass. So when called to reopen the ancient pounamu peace-trail across the Southern Alps, I asked the elders if I was the pae arahi, the trail maker. They agreed and I was happy with that. Then when I began writing Song of Waitaha I asked if I was now both a trail maker and a storyteller. But I was confused when they said, “You are both those things and more. Please don’t ask us this question again.”

I felt more adrift than ever. Why were they upset by my pursuit of a label? Then it struck me. I had to be nothing so that I might be open to everything. In defining and labelling the landscape of the knowledge, I was erecting fences that limited the possible. I was chaining the sweep of my mind and spirit.

And here’s the clincher… within the wananga, the house of learning, I only received knowledge in response to my questions. The doors to the ancient lore were unlocked only by the sweep of my mind.

So now when I meet new people I try not to ask them what is their work. We may be our work, it may be filled with passion and wonderful commitment but even then we are more. I love the magical surprises that arise when I discover the telecom technician is a truly outstanding photographer, the coffee maker at the café is a very fine artist, a friend who creates stone tools by hand has gathered an impressive collection of very old Bibles. Listening opens doors, which take us far beyond assumptions.

Ending on the listening note I close by offering a Youtube link to a Christmas song written and sung by our dear friend Raffi, a Canadian who has dedicated his life to the needs of the children of the planet; a commitment honoured by a special award by the United Nations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV7dNfyWfpg

Speaking Occasions

In 2014 my first talk is in Amberley, North Canterbury, on Tuesday 4th February in the library at 7.30 pm. On February 15th - 16th I speak at the Evolve Festival in Nelson and on February 22nd - 23rd at the Kawai Purapura, Voices of Sacred Earth Eco Festival in Auckland. Friday 7th March at the Life Yoga Centre, 9 Towai Street Stoke in Nelson, at 7pm. Others talks are being planned and will be advised.


StonePrint NEWS

October 2013 No: 42

We are parked up in a beautiful little valley in Wainui, about fifteen kilometres from Whakatane. In this winter base we have enjoyed calm months free of strong winds and cold days. And the rains failed so the summer drought lingered on until recently. We welcomed their return as our bubbling spring had dried up.

Commitment bound in Hope

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to share. This winter has been filled with the Where to now? question. I was amazed to read in the Herald recently that a significant percentage of our workers changed their job last year. The days of our grandparents, when a job was for life, are long gone. However, I was intrigued to read most changed because they saw opportunities to better themselves.

It takes courage to step out like that, takes commitment bound in hope; we are dream makers, ordinary people reaching out to create a better world for our children. Yes, their needs drive our lives. And even when they have families of their own, in our hearts, they have never really left home.

I’ve frequently said… If we lose our story we lose our dream and if we lose our dream the spirit dies. Hope is born of our dream, a plan we hold dear, the way forward. When people call with a problem, feel lost and adrift, I often ask… what is your dream? If that’s followed by silence, if they have lost their dream, it’s time to bring a new dream to life.

Recently, being in my year seventy-sixth year, I asked a few close friends to help me see my way ahead. After twenty-five years of writing that produced fourteen books, I wondered where I should now apply my energy. Their answer surprised me… you have sown many seeds… shared a huge body of ancient lore, which is devoured by some and ignored by others… it is of our future understanding… it’s place in the wider world has still to come… Those words set me free of a path walked since that night in the Te Kaha pub, forty years ago, when the old kaumatua fired a dart into my heart.

While their insight lifted a great weight aside, I felt adrift on the tides. Will I continue to write? Have I sown enough seeds? Is that still part of my dream? Time will tell. At least I know I want to continue to offer talks and share the stories.

Speaking Occasions

I am speaking at the Natural Health Expo in Hamilton on October 19th - 20th. Then give two talks in Whakatane on Thursday, October 30th and Friday November 1st. in the Lyceum Club Rooms, 69 Domain Road and two in Gisborne on November 13th & 14th and two in Wairoa November 18th and 19th (venues to be advised) …. Next year on February 15th - 16th I speak at the Evolve Festival in Nelson and on February 22nd - 23rd at the Kawai PuraPura Voices of Sacred Earth Eco Festival in Auckland. Others talks are being planned and we will email details.

A Big Publishing Breakthrough

Until now my last two novels have not been available as books-in-the-hand, only as eBooks. We promised to have them out some time ago but couldn’t find the money. That was frustrating because we had been waiting 20 months. Now with the generous help of a Californian friend, we have printed 100 copies of Only a Hut in the Mountains and the same number of Where the Octopus Waits. Usually our first print run is 1,000 copies, so this is very different. All will be signed. Order via www.stoneprint.co.nz They will also be available at my talks. For cheaper postage, if you are in USA or Europe, order via Amazon - note however that these can’t be signed.

I wrote Only a Hut in the Mountains after speaking at a seminar in California. I suddenly realised what I’d shared there wasn’t available in print. The words I’d offered to those gathered in the desert had no home elsewhere. It was my first writing for some five years and the words excited me because they flowed like a river in the form of a novel. So I was back into story mode alongside characters that grew within the pages.

Soon after Hut was written, I launched into Where the Octopus Waits to sail into the world of Polynesian voyaging. This novel took me into a truth long hidden, a part of our story that was deliberately locked away because of the pain within it. Yes, tragedy and hurt hidden to await the day when we were ready to face it. I’ve said many times that while we can’t change the past we can heal it, but only if we face the truth of the past. I felt it was time to make that journey into the pain and trust in the compassionate hearts and clear minds of those who are committed to the healing way.

A Viking Saga

My recent reading. I was enthralled by Sven Carlsson’s The Gift: The Viking Trilogy. Sven is a kiwi writer with Viking ancestry who has created an astonishing work that is only available as an eBook on Amazon. His words have a power rarely seen, for they embrace, in a unique way, the spirit of the people, the land, the sea and the stars and their story. It begins quietly, by design, so give it a little time.

The trail is the truth
And the journey the destination.
We walk the trail and the trail walks us.
That is the magic



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Wisdom Seeker Book 1

Only a Hut in the Mountains

This novel explores the trails of the heart and mind, the frontiers of consciousness and the mysteries of space and time…

Here ancient lore and Quantum Mechanics meet. The world turns; the mind stretches, the soul breathes.

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