Where the Octopus Waits, wisdom seekers, book 2, by Barry Brailsford

Where the Octopus Waits


Wisdom Seeker Series (Book 2)

This is the story of a tribe that returns to its ancient lore, which says, we are of the sea and the sea is of us. Epic challenges await them as they journey into the tides of memory to find the wisdom to meet the desperate issues that are destroying them today. Once again, the world turns; the mind stretches, the soul breathes.

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“Where the Octopus Waits”  is a novel that explores the trails of the heart and mind, the frontiers of consciousness and the mysteries of sacred lore still carried today within the Polynesian world.

Koro, the old one, is the Keeper of the Sacred Lore. Seven elders gather in his little seaside shack to try to chart a path for the tribe¹s survival, a path that will bring together the ancient and the new: a knife-edge dangerous course.

Confronting their people with the old tribal mantras, we are of the sea and the sea is of us. They issue a brave challenge. It will send their Stone Seekers to the deep snows of the mountain trails, their Tree People into the primeval forests where the tall trees honour thousands of years of growth and their Star Walkers to the Long Tidies where the wildest of seas contend.

Now, ancient tribal truths, so tragic they have been hidden for centuries, have to be revealed. While they cannot change the past, they realise they can heal the past, but only if they face the painful truths of the past. That pathway to redemption has been too long denied. Only by washing the blood off the stone can the tribe survive.

Above all else this they knows if we lose our story we lose our dream and if we lose our dream the spirit dies.

Courage and determination, trust and integrity power the vision the old ones carry for their people. But can the wisdom that still abides save their

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    “Awesome book, have recommended this to others, a must read and also A Hut in the Mountains. Great work Barry.”
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    “Another moving inspiration story from Barry Brailsford. He introduces little known facts and history and mixes with legend and action with ease. Difficult to stop reading once started.”

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