Only a hut in the Mountains, wisdom seekers series, book 1, by BarryBrailsford

Only a Hut in the Mountains


Wisdom Seeker Series (Book 1)

In the days that follow old wisdom releases truths long hidden in the past. Are they born of the Fire People or Stone People, Tree People or Water People, Bird People or Whale People, Dolphin People or Star Walkers other Peoples? They learn to align their lives with the rhythms of the Moon, step into the Power of Place and begin the hardest journey of all.

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The old one is a Keeper of the Sacred Lore. Those who come to his mountain hut have already travelled difficult trails. Two arrive at dusk but only one is expected. The Trail Walkers sent the young woman but the man is a mystery.

All this against a backdrop of cutting edge science where Time and Space embrace. Where Quantum Mechanics and String Theory grapple with the Nothingness to understand the Universe, and Life.

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    “I’m a fan of Barry Brailsford and this is another of his beautifully written books that challenge our ‘knowing’. If you’re a Kiwi, and open to things Maori, you’ll love this book along with his others.”

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